Leather is a natural product and requires regular care to preserve its beauty and durability. Using proper cleaning techniques will help maintain the leather’s appearance, quality, and texture.

Leather Maintenance Recommendations

Δ Leather is a natural product, therefore color and texture may vary.

  • To clean and dust: use a damp, soft cloth

  • To remove body oil, dirt or stains: use a non-detergent, non-alkaline mild soap or quality leather cleaner

  • Clean as required, or monthly

  • Clean gently along stitch seams and creases in the material, removing dust, stains and dirt

  • Frequent dusting is recommended with a soft cloth or with a soft brush vacuum attachment

  • Do not open zippers; zippers are seam closures only and are not intended for opening


  • Do not use oils or polish on leather.

  • Do not use detergents, solvents, abrasive or non-recommended cleaners.

  • When cleaning, avoid excessive rubbing and pressure.

  • Do not place the chair in direct sunlight or by direct heat sources such as vents.


Pay particular attention to areas that come into contact with skin, such as arm rests, and head rest areas. Body oils and salts from the skin will damage and discolor the surface of leather. Clean regularly, especially if in warm, humid weather. Topical medications, oils, cosmetics and other skin treatments may damage and discolor the product surfaces.


To maintain the condition and prolong the fabric life the following cleaning and maintenance guidelines are recommended.

Fabric Maintenance Recommendations

Δ Different batches of fabric have different dyeing times, therefore color may vary

  • Vacuuming the fabric regularly using the special textile attachment, or using soft brush to clean the dust.

  • Treat spills and stains as soon as possible.

  • Cushion fill material should be kept as dry as possible.


  • Do not wash, dry clean, or shampoo the fabric upholstery.

  • Do not remove cushion covers for separate cleaning; zipper is intended as seam closure only.

  • Do not use solvent-based cleaners, dishwashing, laundry detergent or aerosols

  • Protect from direct sunlight and position chair away from direct heat sources.

  • Apply only water-based soil-resistant fabric protection treatments (Katie checking).

Laminated Wood

Wood requires regular maintenance care to preserve the wood finish

Fabric Maintenance Recommendations

Δ Wood is a natural product, therefore color and texture may vary.

  • Dust and gently wipe with a clean soft cloth regularly.

  • Use a quality wood-cleaning product, never use detergent.

  • In extreme cold, heat, or humidity: lightly apply quality wax or polish to protect surface.

  • Regular cleaning will preserve the appearance and extend the life of the product.


  • Avoid positioning the product in areas with direct sunlight or in the direct path of heat or cold sources.


  • Clean using a damp, soft cloth or sponge. Wipe dry, being sure to not leave a residue. If necessary, a non-alkaline, non-detergent soap may be used to clean the product. Wipe thoroughly and dry immediately.

  • For treatment, apply a high-quality natural paste wax or polish every 6 months.

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