One Year Limited Warranty

BenchMaster warrants its products to the original purchaser to be free from defect in workmanship and material for one (1) year (12 months) from the date of original sale. Warranty coverage Includes: frame, structural materials, wood, hardware and cover material subject to the following exclusions, exceptions and limitations.

Damage due to misuse or negligence such as cuts or abrasions, excessive exposure to sun-light, direct skin contact-perspiration, and residue from medication or other to topical products, is not covered by this warranty.

Damage resulting from the use of incorrect cleaning products, harsh chemicals or other elements, which may discolor or otherwise damage product materials is excluded from this warranty.

Normal wear items not covered by this warranty: seating area and arm rests, due to excessive weight load.

BenchMaster cushions are warranted for one year against collapsing but not for "softening," which is a normal wear condition.

This warranty applies only to products sold by authorized BenchMaster dealers in use in the United States and Canada. Warranty claims or allowances are made through authorized dealers of BenchMaster products only.

No compensation is made to consumers or dealer/sellers for transportation expense in connection with warranty issues. No labor allowance is made to consumers or dealers. Product repairs or replacement parts are provided at the sole discretion of BenchMaster Furniture under the terms of this warranty.

BenchMaster will supply replacement parts ONLY at no charge for eligible repairs under the terms of this warranty.

Product damage that occurs during assembly is not covered under this warranty. Verification of purchase maybe required by a sales receipt or other evidence of purchase. This may include date purchased or selling dealer and its address. BenchMaster at its option may require defective parts be returned for inspection. All adjustments and/or allowances made in connection with warranty issues are made at the sole discretion of Benchmaster Furniture.

For additional information and assistance, see your Authorized BenchMaster Dealer or contact the customer service department of BenchMaster at:

Customer Service
(714) 414 0240